Check HTML/XML code

There are two ways to use the HTML Tidy plugin for checking files:

  1. Manual execution: HTML Tidy Checking is executed on user's request on selected files, folders or projects.
  2. As an incremental builder: HTML Tidy Checking is activated for each project that has to be checked. Then, each time a file is saved or added, HTML Tidy Automatic Checking is executed on this file and HTML Tidy Problem markers are updated.How to enable Automatic Checking

Check icon Checking files manually or Format icon Formatting

To Format (Check manually) HTML/XML code:

In an Editor View

Do one of the following while editing HTML/XML code:

In the Package Explorer

  1. Select one or more project, folders or files with extensions asp & php, or extensions ending with html, html and xml,
  2. Then either:
    • select HTML Tidy > Format (Check) from the pop-up menu
    • Select HTML Tidy > Format (Check) from the menu bar or the tool bar
    • Press Ctrl+Shift+F (Ctrl+Shift+C).
  3. The files selected, in addition to the files contained in the selected folders and projects and matching the given pattern are formatted (checked).


The key bindings can be changed in Window > Preferences > Workbench > Keys.

If the menu bar and tool bar actions are not visible and the key bindings don't work check Window > Customize Perspective... > Commands > HTML Tidy

Use the Preferences to specify your preferences for code formatting and general options.